How does a teleprompter work?

How does a Teleprompter work?

Although many teleprompters look different, the technology behind them is essentially the same. 
A teleprompter displays a reflection of scrolling text on a two-way mirror that is either in front of a camera lens, or on top of a stand.  To learn more about this visit our link What is a teleprompter

Because the scrolling text is a reflection, it needs to be inverted to display correctly on the two-way mirror.  The very first teleprompters, back in the "I Love Lucy" days, actually used printed text that was reversed and turned on a wheel. It was patented by Schlalfly submitted a patent application on April 21, 1949. 

The word Teleprompter was actually an old trademark, and it wasn't until about 12 years ago that the patent expired and the word became an industry term to describe a [scrolling text projection machine].

Today, although the concept is the same, the technology is way more advanced. Instead of using paper printed text, computers, smartphones, or tables are used. 

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