Rail-a-Prompter II
Rail-a-Prompter II
Rail-a-Prompter II
Rail-a-Prompter II
Rail-a-Prompter II
Rail-a-Prompter II
Rail-a-Prompter II

Rail-a-Prompter II

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  • It fits all 12" and smaller tablets and smartphones
  • Reading up to 20 feet with 12" tablets
  • perfect for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPhone X, and most Android Products
  • Powder-Coated Metal Frame
  • Includes 10" long 15mm rods
  • Includes Telmax Smooth Pin-Lock mirror adjustment assembly
  • Mirror enclosure removable for cleaning mirror
  • wide camera lens opening for wide-angle lenses
  • 70/30 beamsplitter mirror with Anti-reflection Coating
  • It folds flat and breaks down easily
  • set the mirror at any angle
  • can work as stand-a-one
  • includes Telmax Camera Riser Assembly
  • Includes Camera Release Plate
  • Includes custom iO360-12 Universal 12" tablet Cradle
  • Come in carrying a case
  • Free OnCue Prompter Remote ($24.99)
  • Free Lens Cleaning Cloth ($5.00)
  • Complimentary bottle of Mirror Magic Mirror Cleaner ($24.99)

We are introducing the all-new Rail-a-Prompter™ II by Telmax Teleprompters.

The Rail-a-Prompter™ II is a smartphone/tablet teleprompter designed for all tablets 12" and smaller and is perfect for the iPad Pro.

This is a camera mount teleprompter that allows you to look directly into your camera's lens while reading scrolling text created by our Free iOS Teleprompter App, OnCue Promoter, or any of the numbers of Teleprompter apps available in b the Windows, Android, and Apple Platforms.

It is designed on the 15mm rod system making it more practical and compact than most sled-based teleprompters.

By utilizing 15mm rods, this teleprompter becomes completely modular. All the components can be moved to several positions creating multiple configurations and allowing use with any camera or tripod.

Telmax has wholly re-designed the Rail-a-Prompter™,   giving it a more excellent look and adding several innovations, making it one of the best teleprompters on the market today.

The first and most obvious change is the tablet mount. The Rail-a-Prompter™ II gets its version of the Telmax iO360-12 tablet horse with the words "Rail-a-Prompter™ " carved into it. The iO360 mount can rotate 360 degrees, and the Corner-Grabbers adjust in and out, allowing for any size of tablet to be used.

Next, the mirror enclosure has been completely re-designed utilizing the same Pin-Lock and Micro-Mirror Grabber technology created for the FUTURA (Telmaxs' new pro-studio teleprompter).

The mirror folds flat and can be adjusted to any angle, and the plastic enclosure is removable to expose both sides of the mirror for cleaning.

The Rail-a-Prompter™ II comes standard with two 10" long 15mm rods and includes the Telmax Camera Riser system assembly.

The Telmax Camera Riser assembly is the most sophisticated 15mm rod camera platform on the market. It allows the camera to be offset in height and distance from the mirror and the center of the tripod head. The mount also includes an adjustable camera release plate with leveling bubbles.

The Tripod block on the Riser Assembly can be shifted 3" forward or backward and is designed to rest under the teleprompter head if needed.

The Rail-a-Prompter™ II head assembly is all one component and includes the mirror, mirror enclosure, frame, hood, tablet mount, and mounting block. The head assembly can be a stand-alone without the rods because it has a 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 threaded hole for your tripod mount.

The Rail-a-Prompter™ II breaks down into two components; the head Assembly and the Rod Assembly. These components fit nicely into a carrying case included with this fantastic new product.

The Rail-a-Prompter™ II includes some cool free stuff: the $24.99 OnCue Prompter Remote, a free lens cloth, and a free $24.99 bottle of Mirror Magic, the best teleprompter mirror cleaner in the industry.

Order your new Rail-a-Prompter™ II today from Telmax