5 Tips to Get the Best Teleprompter for Your Money

5 Tips to Get the Best Teleprompter for Your Money

As you well know, a teleprompter is an expensive piece of technology, and it is very important to get the best product for your dollar. After reviewing many different brands of teleprompter, we have come up with the 5 tips to get the best teleprompter for your money.

They are:

High Strength – The best products (the line from Telmax is a good example) are made from aluminum that is very low in weight yet high in strength. This is so important because your teleprompter absolutely must be rock solid. Any vibrations or movements can completely ruin your video shoot.

Low Weight - Also, a good teleprompter needs to be very low in weight. The last thing a video professional wants is a product that weighs like a box of bricks and is very difficult to transport. A device that is light in weight also is very easy for you to put together and take apart. You will be very thankful for this feature when you are moving the product around to many different locations.

Quality Beam Splitter Glass – the two way glass that makes up the main part of a teleprompter is absolutely critical. You want to make sure the glass is of very high quality so that the camera can shoot through the glass and have no distortions or reflections. At the same time, the talent needs to be able to read the text perfectly clearly on the other side of the glass.

Best Teleprompter Software – Your product is only as good as the software that runs on it. You need to be able to rely on your this software to keep the text scrolling perfectly smoothly throughout your shoot. The best software, which in our view is ZaPrompt Pro, is one of the most productive pieces of software in this field on the market. It is used by Fortune 500 companies and is the software of choice around the world. This product has dozens of convenient features built in, and you can go through your shoot with perfect confidence.

Best Service – A top quality such as Telmax is better than the competitors because a highly knowledgeable customer support staff is only a phone call or an email away. Your device will most likely give you many years of trouble-free use, but it is critical to know that the product is backed by an available support staff at all times.