6 Reasons to Use a Professional Teleprompter for Your Video Production

6 Reasons to Use a Professional Teleprompter for Your Video Production

A teleprompter – otherwise known as an autocue – is a hugely useful device used by people when making a video production. There are six main reasons why one should use a professional teleprompter…

Saving time

Using a teleprompter will cut back on the amount of time needed to produce every video that is made. This is because it will negate the issue of people forgetting their lines and therefore making the whole process start again from the beginning.

This time savings not only makes things much more efficient, but it will also save money during the production.


Actors and others who appear in front of the camera already have enough to worry about without having the fear of forgetting lines thrust on them as well. With the use of a professional teleprompter, there is no need for the actor to panic regarding this.

This more relaxed attitude from the actor or actress will allow them to concentrate on the other vital aspects of their performance. This includes the inflection of their voice and the way that they move on the screen.

Ease of use

Most teleprompters are portable but have no fear – they are incredibly easy to put together. Generally all that needs to be done is for a few poles to be slid together and a mirror attached at the top.

After this, the person setting it up just needs to align the screen with the mirror and then they are ready to go.


Most teleprompters are made out of material that is light enough to be transported easily around different locations. This means that the worry of needing a team to carry them is negated.

In fact, the teleprompter can be easily carried by just one person, making it perfect for those that are filming a production on their own.

Long speeches

Many productions often involve someone making a long speech in order to illustrate their point and often these speeches are far too long to be remembered. The teleprompter will solve this problem by allowing the orator to have all the information available for them and therefore complete the whole speech in just one cut.


Nothing looks worse in a video than someone reading their script from a piece of paper. A teleprompter will take this need for a paper script away and therefore make the whole production look a lot more professional.