The FUTURA Professional Video Teleprompter - light-weight - portable - free teleprompter software



From the Latin word Future, Telmax Teleprompters is proud to introduce an all-new Teleprompter line called the FUTURA™.
The FUTURA Teleprompter is the most sophisticated Teleprompter system ever created. It incorporates several new innovations created by Telmax Teleprompters, Inc. for this Teleprompter.

The first innovation is the Pin-lock mirror angle adjustment system that allows you to lock the mirror at any angle with the slightest amount of tension on the thumb screw. With barely any effort you will be able to set the mirror at the desired angle and lock it there.

Next, comes the new Micro Mirror Edge Clamps designed by Telmax to hold the mirror in its frame firmly but with the minimal amount of hardware. Making a more clean, sleek look. This new clamping system makes it very easy to access both sides of the mirror for cleaning.

Speaking of the mirror, the FUTURA Teleprompter comes standard with a dust cover that fits over the mirror to keep it clean, and to protect the mirror during transport.

The hard plastic shell that consists of the dust-cover and the mirror enclosure are easily removable and together protect the entire mirror assembly like a turtle shell.

The FUTURA Teleprompter incorporates a never before seen camera riser system called the IVM or Inclining Vertical Mount. This system was engineered to bridge the gap between rigid none adjusting systems and flexible variable height systems.

Traditionally you had to choose between one or the other, but due to this new technology, you have either depending on one small variable. The Thumbscrew position! By placing the thumb screws in the channels the IVM can quickly and easily be moved up or down to the desired position and then tightened in place. Move the thumbscrews to the fixed position holes alongside the channel it will be locked at that position. Meaning that once you set the height you want, you can lock it there so it can not be moved which make this new design perfect for heavier and more expensive cameras where the user is concerned about slippage or unwanted movement.






The FUTURA Teleprompter is the easiest to set up professional teleprompter ever created thanks to its never seen before, proprietary build-system. The FUTURA is built from the tripod plate up, and has three components. The Baseplate, the IVM, and the Head Assembly. Each component is actually an assembly of other components that we put together for you. For example, the Baseplate consists of the Tripod mount, that build-plate, and the knob, clamps, and anchors to install the rest of the components.
The IVM is an assembly of the Vertical Mount, and the Camera Release Plate and the Head Assembly is a collection of the Mirror, mirror enclosure, dust-cover, monitor, and all necessary front-end components. This is all technical jargon that you really don't need to know. All you really need to know is that you install the Baseplate to your Tripod head, slip the IVM into place, and then slip on the Head Assembly. That's it!




The Baseplate is the foundation to the FUTURA Teleprompter setup. It is the first thing that is installed and the last thing that is removed.

What the Baseplate consists of is a threaded Tripod Block that has both 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes and an 8" travel span across the Baseplate for setting the center of gravity to its perfect position.

The Plate itself is made of 1/4" thick machined 6061 aluminum and has a super durable powder-coated finish like most of the other components of the FUTURA.

On the top side of the Baseplate is the anchor points and knobs to

hold the other two components in place. The Other two components are

the Head Assembly and the IVM.




Futura Teleprompter Inclining Vertical mount system for the Futura Teleprompter

The IVM (Inclining Vertical Mount) is an adjustable or fixed variable height mount that, like the name indicates, inclines toward the mirror. The reason for the incline is that most cameras get shorter as they get smaller, so as you raise the camera platform the mount gets closer to the mirror. 
The IVM is held on to the Baseplate by a knob, and like the IVM Itself it has to possible configurations, one is to place the knob in a channel make it easy to remove and re-install or a fixed threaded hold that will not allow the IVM to slip off of the Base-Plate. It is recommended to always use the fixed position holes over the slipping channels. It will be safer for you and your camera. But if you are always on the go and need to set-up and tear down the prompter, go for the slip-n-go connection.





The Futura Teleprompter Head assembly for the futura Telepropmter

The Head Assembly is the home of the Mirror, Mirror Enclosure, monitorand mounting brackets. The FUTURA only uses high quality 70/30 optic-grade Beamsplitter mirror which should mean a lot to anyone using a teleprompter because the mirror is the last optical component of the camera and talent. A bad mirror can be just as destructive as a bad lens.The Mirror Enclosure features our all new pin-lock adjustment system that will allow the mirror to fold flat, making it more portable, and with very little effort allow the user to lock the mirror in the desired 45 degrees +/- position.


The FUTURA Teleprompter comes standard with an LDC VGA monitor but can be upgraded to a professional imaging-reversing teleprompter monitor. Either way, it will work with scrolling text because it includes a Free copy of ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter Software that allows your computer to reverse the text on the Teleprompter monitor and not reverse it on your computer monitor.

Like the IVM the Head Assembly can be held in place using the slip-n-go system or by putting the knob in the fixed position threaded hole, which is also recommended to always use the fixed hole position unless you are in a hurry and need to setup-up and tear-down quick. 


The FUTURA is a Professional Camera Mount Teleprompter that sits between your Tripod and Camera allowing your Camera to record with the talent looking directly at the camera-lens while reading scrolling text.

It is available in three sizes ranging from 15" to 19" and comes with a lifetime warranty and free teleprompter software valued at $249.00

You simply prepare the desired script directly in ZaPrompt Pro, or import it as a text file and send the scrolling text to the teleprompter monitor through the VGA Cable.

The software is super easy to learn and the hardware basically does its own thing so there is no setting or configuration to worry about there.



Setting up the Futura Teleprompter for video production

To set-up the FUTURA Teleprompter you will start with a heavy-duty tripod that will support the weight of the Teleprompter (22 - 24 lbs) plus the weight of your camera. There are many low-cost 25lb Tripods available like the Smith-Victor ProPod V. A tripod with a minimum capability of 25 lbs. is recommended.

Next, you attach the Camera Release plate from the Tripod to the Tripod Block on the Baseplate of the Teleprompter with the arrow on the Baseplate facing the direction of the talent.

Next, slip the Head Assembly on the front of the Baseplate with the U-Shape forks clipping under the T-Grabbers. Then tighten the knob down on the Head Assembly firmly locking it to the Base-Plate.

Now, do the same for the IVM, slip the IVM under the T-Grabbers and tighten the fastener knob.

Now that everything is in place, you can find the preliminary center of gravity by loosening the Tripod Block Adjustment knobs, release the break on you Tripod Head (while holding onto the Teleprompter of course) then push or pull the teleprompter across the Tripod until the Unit feels centered and does not want to dive forward or backwards.

Now, lock everything is placed by tightening all the knobs and tripod head break and if you haven't done it already, take the camera shoe our of the release plate of the Camera mount on the IVM and install it to the bottom of our Camera.

Slip your camera into the camera mount and make the adjustment to get the lens centered with the mirror. This is done by raising or lowering the IVM and moving the camera mount backward or forward. You want the Camera lens to only be an inch or so from the mirror and to be aligned horizontally and vertically with the center of the mirror.

Lock everything in place and then start the center-of-gravity procedure again because the camera has changed the weight distribution of the teleprompter and your previous settings will be off.

The last thing is to run the VGA cable to your computer, plug the monitor into power, and launch ZaPrompt Pro. That is it! You are now set-up and ready to use the most sophisticated Teleprompter solution on the market today and haven't even broken a sweat!