4 Port VGA Splitter

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Display the same image on 4 monitors simultaneously This a 4 port VGA Video Splitter that allows a PC to display to 4 monitors simultaneously. It is perfect for classrooms, tradeshows, or in-store displays where high quality video on a pair of monitors is needed. This supports monitors with up to 150MHz of bandwidth allowing it to display images of up to 1920 X 1440 pixels.

It allows computers with VGA graphic cards to be connected to 1 to 4 VGA compatible monitors or projectors. The VGA splitter keeps your desk clutter-free, relocating your computer to a safe and secure area, while allowing you to work in a quieter environment. It also lets you keep your VGA next to your computer, while adding a second VGA display such as a projector, another VGA monitor or Plasma display.

The splitters go beyond being merely duplicators, they also enhance the video signals over long distance broadcasting.

In addition, units can be daisy chained to handle as many monitors as the installation requires, making it an excellent solutions for public broadcast systems

The video splitter doesn't require any software and is easy to install. You can even extend the monitors more than 200 feet from your computer!

To achieve multiple high quality VGA, SVGA, XGA or Multisync video signals over long distances, this video splitters are your best choice

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