FUTURA 15" Teleprompter
FUTURA 15" Teleprompter
FUTURA 15" Teleprompter
FUTURA 15" Teleprompter
FUTURA 15" Teleprompter
FUTURA 15" Teleprompter
FUTURA 15" Teleprompter


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  • The teleprompter is readable for 18-20 feet
  • Works with all cameras ranging from DSLRs to Full-size ENG Cameras
  • Extremely portable - folds flat
  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy to use!
  • 14" X 14" 60/40 Beam Splitter Mirror
  • Protective plastic mirror cover
  • 15" Reversing Monitor - Horizontal / Vertical•
  • Monitor Brightness: 350 cd/m 
  • Inputs: HDMI / VGA / AV / USB
  • 25' HDMI Cable
  • Set mirror at any angle
  • Adjustable camera mount
  • perfect center of gravity
  • Inclining Vertical Camera riser mount that can be set rigid.
  • Camera Release Plate with level bubbles
  • Includes Teleprompter Software - ZaPrompt Pro
  • Weighs only 21lbs
  • Manufactured in Vero Beach, FL.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



The NEW FUTURA™ PRO 15" Teleprompter

The FUTURA PRO Series Teleprompters are the newest teleprompter to the Telmax Teleprompter product line.  This Teleprompter is the FUTURA Teleprompter with a professional teleprompter monitor that supports multiple inputs like HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB, and has 100 nits more brightness than the standard LCD/LED monitors that come on our other products.  It was only until recently that we could offer this product with this great monitor at such a great price. 

The 15" model is perfect for most applications with an 18' reading distance and is compatible with all cameras and tripods.  

Unlike all the other so-called professional teleprompters on the market, you don't need an engineering degree to put it together.  There is no attachment for this and that, or use this bolt when you do this but not when you do that, or add this funky bent metal piece to make camera taller.  Nope! not with the FUTURA Teleprompter.  Everything is ready to use straight out of the box.  The camera riser adjusts to whatever height you need, the tripod mound moves back-and-forth without adding or subtracting parts, and the mirror adjusts to any angle without clunky mechanical locks or pins.  The Futura can literally be ready for shooting in a couple of minutes after you remove it from the packaging.  

The FUTURA™ PRO is a camera mount teleprompter that sits on your tripod between your camera and tripod head. The Talent will be looking directly at the lens of the camera when they are reading the text on the beamsplitter mirror.

What makes the FUTURA™ PRO so special is the newly designed chassis system (The Sled) that features a new type of camera riser and quick connection mounts for the mirror assembly and camera mount. This new Sled is built to be quickly put together and taken apart without the use of any tools making it the most practical full-size teleprompter for traveling. It breaks down into three smaller parts that will easily fit into a Storm Case.

The Futura Pro is the newest generation of Telmax Teleprompters product with the addition of a 350 nit professional image reversing monitor that has HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB inputs. See monitor specs at the bottom of this page. 

It is manufactured by Telmax Teleprompters, in our Vero Beach, FL. Production facility and is made from machined aluminum.

The 70/30 Optic Grade BeamSplitter mirror is the best quality mirror you can find. It is produced using one of the most sophisticated modern plating technologies available today. Being that the Beamsplitter mirror is the last optical coating between your camera-lens and subject, this should be as, if not, more important than anything else.

In the same way that you protect your camera lens with a plastic cover, the FUTURA™ features a plastic cover that attaches to the front of the mirror when the Teleprompter is in transport or not in use. This cover will keep the mirror clean and protect it from getting damaged. The plastic enclosure and mirror cover wrap around the mirror like a Turtle Shell.

Setting up and using the FUTURA™ is a breeze. In four simple steps, you will have the Teleprompter set-up and work. First, you attach the base plate to your tripod, Second, attach the camera mount and monitor mount, Third Attach the Camera, Fourth, attach the monitor to your computer. That's it!

This Teleprompter includes a four-user license of ZaPropmt Pro which is one of the best Teleprompter software solutions available.

Search all you want, but you will not find a better built, higher-quality teleprompter period.

The FUTURA is the perfect teleprompter for whatever your production needs are.

Order your FUTURA Teleprompter today.


 •Monitor Details below:

Panel size

15 inch TFT- LED backlight

Visual panel size


Standard Resolution


Number of Colors



350 cd/m2

Response time


View angle



Contrast ratio

500 : 1


VGA (D-sub)/ HDMI/ AV/ USB/ Speaker



Power supply

External Power Supply:DC 12V 

Operation Environment

Workable Temperature:-10 to 60°C

Storage temperature:-20 to 70°C

Operate relative humidity:20% to 80%;

storage relative humidity:10% to 90%

Net weight

6.5 Kgs/pcs

Gross weight

7.0 Kgs/pcs

Power consumption

Max 30W

Setup (optional)

1) provide wall brackets for wall-mounting, VESA 75mm&100mm

2) provide a stable mental base to support the monitor

OSD control


brightness,contrast ratio,auto adjustment,phase position,clock,Languages,function,Install,reset






1 year, provide spare parts