T2-15 Teleprompter
T2-15 Teleprompter
T2-15 Teleprompter
T2-15 Teleprompter

T2 Series Teleprompter All

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T2 SeriesTeleprompter Specifications:

  • Max Reading distance: 18 - 33 feet
  • Style: 15 mm Rod System
  • Weight: 17 - 24 lbs
  • Material: aluminum
  • Monitor Size: Standard VGA/HDMI LCD or Professional Reversing Teleprompter Monitor
  • Beam-splitter Mirror: 170/30 Beamsplitter mirror with anti-reflection coating on the back. 
  • Supported Inputs: VGA/HDMI or VGA/HDMI/USB/COMPOSITE
  • Software: ZaPrompt Pro Free one-year subscription
  • Warranty: Lifetime (see details)
Come in three sizes:
  • 15" with 14" X 14" Beamsplitter mirror readable up to 18 feet.
  • 17" With 14" X 16" Beamsplitter Mirror readable up to 22 feet.
  • 19" with 16" X 17" Beamsplitter Mirror readable up to 33 feet. 

What's New in this teleprompter?

The new Triton Series II, T2-15, Teleprompter is the newest addition to the Telmax Products line. The Triton II line adds three great new teleprompters to our line up. The T2-15, T2-17, and T2-19. All three of these teleprompters have the same design and functionality with minimal differences. These differences are the size of the monitor, beam-splitter mirror, and maximum reading distances.

Why The T2-15 Teleprompter

The T2 is the smallest of the teleprompters in the Triton series and is a great prompter for most shooting situations. The T2 teleprompter has a maximum reading distance of 18-33 feet which is typically adequate for filming in smaller studios, allowing the camera to capture the entire subject. The T2 is also great for close up headshots and video blogging.

The T2 Teleprompter is based on its predecessor, the Triton, and has all the same features with several improvements. The first and most obvious improvement is the large plastic camera lens enclosure. This change replaced the all-fabric enclosure of the previous Triton version. This new enclosure attaches around the teleprompter mirror. It features a large 8" X 8" opening in the back for the camera lens. The enclosure is designed in such a way that most cameras will be able to easily extend the lens past the opening, eliminating the fabric hood from sagging over the lens.

The next improvement is a lighter more versatile anodized aluminum rail system. This reduces the weight of the teleprompter significantly, and the low luster, the black finish also creates a cleaner, nicer look of the teleprompter.

The T2-15 is built on two 15 mm rods with customized blocks and fixtures that allow for maximum flexibility. It will accommodate all standard 15mm camera accessories.

The system breaks down into small components quickly making it ideal for transportation.

Monitor Choices for this Teleprompter:

  • An LCD monitor that has no special functionality and only has VGA/HDMI input.
  • A Professional Image Reversing Teleprompter monitor with HDMI/VGA/USB/COMPOSITE inputs. 

When a teleprompter has a monitor attached to it, that monitor is what will display the scrolling text. This particular teleprompter displayed the text on a two-way mirror that is positioned directly in front of the camera lens.  

If you have ever looked into a mirror you probably noticed that everything is backward in the reflection. With teleprompters the same is true.  The reflection on the mirror of the monitor is backward and will remain that way until it is mirrored or reversed.  

There are two ways to accomplish reversing the image.  First, the software that is feeding the monitor could reverse the window it is presented in causing the reflection to look correct.

The other way is to use a professional monitor that has the built-in ability to reverse the image that it is displaying which also give the same result of correcting the reflection to look correct.

The main difference between these two types of image reversing is that when relying on the software, only what the software is displaying will be reversed.  That means that everything else that appears on the monitor will be backward on the screen.  For example, a powerpoint slide or webpage would appear backward.

When using a professional teleprompter monitor everything that appears on the monitor will be reversed allowing for a lot of really cool possibilities.  For example, because the monitor takes a composite feed you can feed a live video conference or stream onto the monitor the image will look correct, or you can simply type something out in an MS Word document and it would also look correct. 

This great teleprompter works perfect with both options and deciding between one monitor or another comes down to one simple question. How do you plan to use the teleprompter and what might you use it for in the future?

The Software

The T2-15 also includes ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter Software and is licensed to be installed on up to four computers. This dual screen software allows the operator to reverse the image on the teleprompter monitor without having to reverse the image on the primary computer or operator monitor. Thus, the operator is able to read the script upright while the image on the secondary monitor (the teleprompter monitor) is flipped for the mirror on the Teleprompter. The software enables keyboard shortcuts for pausing and playing the text, making rapid changes to the speed and size of the text, changing the margin width and more, all while the text is continually scrolling. The handy book-marking tool returns the monitor to the exact part of the text prior to editing changes, providing for a seamless and error-free flow in the production. ZaPrompt Pro efficiently handles longer texts, breaking them down into smaller chunks and eliminating the need for buffering time. The software supports multiple color text and different fonts, making presentations for multiple readers a snap. ZaPrompt Pro also enables the speaker to run the program without the need for an operator.

ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter Software

ZaPrompt Pro is the best teleprompter software on the market today. If you want to try the software before purchasing this product you can download it from the homepage or Click Here.

Major Companies Currently Using Telmax Teleprompters Include:

  • Marathon Oil
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Cox Communications
  • Whirlpool
  • U.S. Honda Motor Corp.
  • CBS Outernet
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Canadian Space Program
  • Canadian Depart of Defense
  • Canadian Airport Security
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Border Patrol
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, and many other popular networks.
  • Texas State University



*camera or tripod not included!