Telmax Train T26
Telmax Train T26
Telmax Train T26
Telmax Train T26
Telmax Train T26
Telmax Train T26

Telmax Train T26

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Telmax Train Standard 26"(660mm) camera slider


  • Rail Size: 1-13/16” X 5/8 “ X 26” (15mm X 46mm X 660mm)
  • Attachment Bolt 3/8 – 16 threaded stud
  • Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Weight 8 lbs
  • Breaking: Yes
  • Color: Black/chrome

The Telmax Train® camera slider give you the ability to add great motion effects to your production the same as you would see in professional film and TV productions.

You have more than likely seen a film or video where the camera is slowly moving into a scene passing by objects in the foreground, giving the shoot a more three dimensional look and feel.

The Telmax Train® Camera Slider features a highly sophisticated twin rail slider that utilizes high precision linear bearings. It comes with a brilliant black anodized finish with polished hardened rails. The legs extend five inches and have a skid proof rubber bumper on each corner.

The roller block has a 3/8 – 16” threaded stud for a camera head and also accepts the Manfrotto RS2 Ball Head and the Manfrotto 438 Ball Leveler 3/8 (Head not included).

The roller block has a break on the side that allows you to lock the slider in the desired position.

The Telmax Train® rail comes in two classes. The first is the Train Standard and the second is the Train Plus.

The Train Standard is 1- 13/16” X 5/8” (15mm X 46mm) and comes in two length 26” and 35” (660MM and 890MM)

The Train Plus is a bit larger with a 2 – 11/16” X .98” (25mm X 69mm) and also come is two length 26” and 35” (660mm and890mm)

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