Telmax TSP19-BUN Presidential Prompter Bundle

Telmax TSP19-BUN Presidential Prompter Bundle

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The TSP19-BUN Teleprompter bundle that includes two Professional TSP19 Teleprompters, three 25' VGA Cables, ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter Software, and a 4-port VGA Splitter.


  • Height: 6'
  • Width: 16"
  • Depth: 18"
  • Mirror: 16" X 17" 70/30 BeamSplitter Mirror 1/8"
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Monitor: Wide Angle 19" LCD Display
  • Readable up to 33 feet
  • Input Type: VGA Only
  • VGA Cable: Three each 25' Male/Male VGA Cables
  • Power Cable: Three Each 6' Power Cables
  • Software: ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter Software

Includes ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter Software

THE Bundle:

The Telmax® TSP19-BUN presidential style teleprompter Bundle. Included in this bundle are all the hardware and software you need to set up two TSP19Presidential Teleprompters for your event; The TSP19-BUN features our proprietary Mirror Lock system, which was designed to give the best grip possible on the BeamSplitter mirror. Once the mirror is tightened into the mirror clamp, it will not move.

The Telmax® TSP19 presidential style teleprompter is light weight, easy to set-up, and easy to use and is readable from 33 feet.

When it comes to BeamSplitter mirrors (the teleprompter glass), we only use the best. The Telmax® TSP19 uses a high transparency, super reflective 70/30 BeamSplitter mirror to assure that our customers have the least conspicuous and most functional teleprompter in the industry.

The Setup:

Set-up is easy, simply connect each of the Teleprompters to VGA cables, Then connect the cables into the splitter, and lastly connect the splitter to your computer. Once set-up you can load the scrolling text into the software included with the bundle and load you script.


There are two ways to operate this teleprompter bundle. The first way is to have an operator positioned at a computer that is connected to the prompters. It is their job to keep the script scrolling at the speed required for the subject. The second way is for the talent to actually control the scrolling using a USB devise such as the KeySpan Presentation remote. The remote give the talent control of the scrolling text so they can pause, speed up/down, and stop the scrolling. Either way the subject will be much better off.





Display the same image on 4 monitors simultaneously This a 4 port VGA Video Splitter that allows a PC to display to 4 monitors simultaneously. It is perfect for classrooms, tradeshows, or in-store displays where high quality video on a pair of monitors is needed. This supports monitors with up to 350MHz of bandwidth allowing it to display images of up to 2048x1536 pixels.

It allows computers with VGA graphic cards to be connected to 1 to 4 VGA compatible monitors or projectors. The VGA splitter keeps your desk clutter-free, relocating your computer to a safe and secure area, while allowing you to work in a quieter environment. It also lets you keep your VGA next to your computer, while adding a second VGA display such as a projector, another VGA monitor or Plasma display.

The splitters go beyond being merely duplicators, they also enhance the video signals over long distance broadcasting.

In addition, units can be daisy chained to handle as many monitors as the installation requires, making it an excellent solutions for public broadcast systems

The video splitter doesn't require any software and is easy to install. You can even extend the monitors more than 200 feet from your computer!

To achieve multiple high quality VGA, SVGA, XGA or Multisync video signals over long distances, this video splitters are your best choice


Three each 25' Male/Male VGA Cables
standard VGA cables with male connectors one each end. They allow for a connection from each Teleprompter monitor to the VGA Splitter and one cable to connect the computer running the software to connect to the input side of the VGA Splitter.


The Telmax® TSP19-BUN presidential style teleprompter includes ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter software one of the leading Teleprompter software's in the industry.

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