TSP2-19-BUN Presidential Teleprompter
TSP2-19-BUN Presidential Teleprompter
TSP2-19-BUN Presidential Teleprompter
TSP2-19-BUN Presidential Teleprompter

TSP2-19-BUN Presidential Teleprompter Bundle

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TSP2-19 BUN Presidential Teleprompter Bundle Specs:

  • Height: 6 feet
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Mirror Size: 2 - 16" X 17"
  • Monitor Size: 2 - 19" LCD
  • VGA Cable: Three 25 foot
  • Software: ZaPrompt Pro (4 computers)
  • Teleprompters: Two TSP2-19 Teleprompter
  • Splitter: 4-port VGA Splitter

15 Reasons to buy the TSP2-19-BUN Teleprompter

#1 It is an American built product manufactured by Telmax Teleprompters in Florida.
#2 It has been widely used thought out the world for the past several years and has a proven track record for performance.
#3 It is simple to set-up and use.
#4 The mounts fold small for easy transport.
#5 Uses high quality 70/30 beam splitter-mirror
#6 Far less expensive than any other teleprompter in its class
#7 Includes ZaPrompt Pro teleprompter software that can be put on as many as four computers.
#8 The Mirror clamp has a non-slip rubber grabber that prevents the mirror from falling out.
#9 It comes with a lifetime warranty.
#10 It includes all the cables and hardware need allowing the prompters to be 25 feet apart.
#11 It allows you to read your script from an inconspicuous mirror instead of memorizing them.
#12 Using two teleprompters allows you to look from one to the other making for a more natural looking presentation.
#13 It includes folding blinders that shield the monitor from the audience view eliminating possible distractions and to further conceal the teleprompter.
#14 It can be fitted with up to four teleprompters if necessary.
#15 You will get the best quality and customer service in the industry when you do business with Telmax Teleprompters.

What is the TSP-19 BUN Presidential Teleprompter

The TSP-19-BUN Teleprompter is a bundle of two stage prompters with all the cables and connectors that allow for one teleprompter on each side of the speaker between them and the audience

The way it works is by reflecting written text that scrolls onto a two way mirror know as a beamsplitter mirror that is only visible to the speaker.

The advantage of having two teleprompters is that the speaker can look from one-to-another making for a more natural looking presentation. It also allows the speaker to appear to be addressing both sides of their audience as they look back and forth between prompters.

Why The TSP2-19 BUN Presidential Teleprompter?

The TSP2-19 BUN Presidential Teleprompter is designed for speaking events. Historically, The Presidential Teleprompter was used by: Presidential Candidates and Mega speakers, but in recent years the teleprompter has found its way onto the stages of comedians, musicians, trainers, and many preachers. A Stage Teleprompter allows the presenter to stay more focused on the content, and time of a given presentation.

How the teleprompter works?

The teleprompter has a transparent mirror called a beam-splitter that is installed on the top of an extended stand. The teleprompter is situated between the reader and the audience, but is nearly invisible. The speaker sees the scrolling text on his side of the teleprompter mirror, but the audience just sees is a clear piece of glass. Many do not even notice the teleprompter. The TSP2-19BUN teleprompter has a 2 - 16" X 17" beam-splitter mirrors that have rounded corners, 2 -19" LCD monitors with 3 - 25' VGA cables and a VGA Splitter. This teleprompter has a reading distance of 33 feet. It also includes our proprietary teleprompter software called ZaPrompt Pro which creates the scrolling text for the teleprompter monitor and can be installed on four computers.

The Teleprompter Software

The TSP2-19 BUN includes ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter Software and is licensed to be installed on up to four computers. This dual screen teleprompter software allows the operator to reverse the image on the teleprompter monitor without having to reverse the image on the primary computer or operator monitor. Thus, the operator is able to read the script upright while the image on the teleprompter monitor is flipped. The teleprompter software enables keyboard shortcuts for pausing and playing the text, making rapid changes to the speed and size of the text, changing the margin width and more, all while the text is continually scrolling. The handy book-marking tool returns the script to the exact place in the text, providing for a seamless and error-free flow in the production. ZaPrompt Pro efficiently handles longer texts, breaking them down into smaller chunks and eliminating the need for buffering time. The software supports multiple color text and different fonts, making presentations for multiple readers a snap. ZaPrompt Pro also enables the speaker to run the teleprompter without the need for an operator.

Major Companies Currently Using Telmax Teleprompters Include:

  • Marathon Oil
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Cox Communications
  • Whirlpool
  • U.S. Honda Motor Corp.
  • CBS Outernet
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Canadian Space Program
  • Canadian Depart of Defense
  • Canadian Airport Security
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Border Patrol
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC and many other popular networks.
  • Texas State University

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