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VGA Image Reverser

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The software that comes with the Galaxy Series Teleprompters, ZaPrompt Pro, flips the image of what is displayed in the software on the Telepromtper Monitor. Some customers have requested to be able to mirror or flip everything that is visable on their PC or Mac computer. There are two ways to accomplish this. First it to invest into a costly LCD display that has mirror built into it, or as a more cost effective way we offter the Hall Research SC-VGA-2B.

This in-line device reverses the image from your computer before it goes into the teleprompter monitor.

The SC-VGA-2B is a high-performance universal VGA/HDTV to VGA/HDTV Scan Rate converter with a local loop out with a scaling (Up/Down) mirroring capabilities.

The SC-VGA-2B has the ability to output a specified resolution and refresh rate regardless of the input. Output timing to the display is constant regardless of the input so when switched from one input to another, the display device does not see any interruption in the signal coming to it. The video processor combines the functions of a video scaler, scan-converter, and format transformer. The SC-VGA-2B also includes a horizontal mirroring feature which is useful for teleprompter’s and rear projection systems. The SC-VGA-2B features an OSD menu for configuration, picture setup, system information and many other advanced options.

  • Any PC or HDTV video signal can be scaled up or scaled down to any other PC or HDTV resolution
  • Adjustable output frame rate
  • Additional loop-out to bypass signal processing
  • Large Video memory for real-time frame rate capture & conversion
  • Signal format conversion between RGBHV and YPbPr
  • Automatically detects input mode and timing parameters
  • Allows adjustment of sampling clock, phase, and position on screen
  • Easy- to- use push buttons and OSD menu control
  • Horizontal mirroring (X-Axis Flip)
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