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How will a Telmax Teleprompter Help Me?

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Telmax Teleprompters, Inc. is the most trusted names for high quality, affordable teleprompters. We have created this site to help make choosing the right teleprompter easy for you. Simply browse our products to find a teleprompter that is suitable for your needs, scroll to the bottom of th page and select the "add to cart" Button and continue through the purchase process.
Telmax Teleprompters, Inc. is a world leader in providing quality teleprompter hardware and software solutions.
If you have a teleprompter (prompter) need, chances are that we have a solution that meets your specific


The best combination of teleprompter software & teleprompter hardware

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How will a teleprompter help you?

If you are producing any type of video content where you have time-sensitive or scripted material, owning a teleprompter will make all the difference in the world.
If you take the time to read through our testimonials, you will find that most of our customers comment on the amount of time they save and aggravation they avoid in using a teleprompter.
The biggest advantage of having a teleprompter is that you can deliver the message, whether it be a video or speech, exactly as intended to your audience. This is why presidents, CEOs, and television productions use them.
If you are not quite sure if a teleprompter is what you need, give us a call at (888) 239 7139 or email us at can talk with our skilled professional staff, and we will be glad to advise you and point you to the right products for your needs.

We know teleprompter hardware and teleprompting software—it is our main business.
We manufacture every teleprompter that we sell, and our products are built out of high grade aluminum or steel and are proven to be durable.
Our software is the best possible prompting software on the market. You can click here to download ZaPrompt Pro and try it free for 30 days.
As experts in the teleprompter business and will gladly help you pick the teleprompter that best suits your teleprompting needs.

Our teleprompters are easy to set up and easy to use. You can find helpful teleprompter setup videos on our YouTube videos channel.

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