It wasn't hard for us to pick our first featured dealer. 


BH Photo feature dealer

B & H Photo Video Inc has been carrying the Telmax Teleprompters brand longer than any other reseller and has been a major contributor to the success of the Telmax Brand.

The B & H Photo Video brand name is so well known worldwide that most people simply refer to them as B & H. 

They started carrying the Telmax Brand around 2009 and have been one the best source for customers to find our products and to get product information and support.

Our customers always brag about the great and knowledgeable staff at B & H and how wonderful they are to deal with as a company.

If you are a large corporation, state or government entity, school, college, or university you probably have done business with them and will find it easier to make a purchase through them than anywhere else. 

Telmax Teleprompters would like to take this opportunity to thank B & H Photo Video and their staff for the continued support for our brand and to let everyone else know that they are a great place to do business with. 

B & H carries a wide range of film and video making tools ranging from cameras to editing software.  Their expert staff will help you build your entire video production artisanal to go along with your Telmax Teleprompter. 

If you are looking to buy a Telmax Teleprompter product, you will not go wrong choosing B & H Photo Video as your one-stop shopping solution. 


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