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Introducing the TSP2 Series Presidential Teleprompters by Telmax: Your Keynote Companion

Telmax TSP2 Series Presidential Teleprompters are crafted for impact, designed for professionals who take the stage to inspire, inform, and impress. With options to select a singular commanding unit or a dual-setup bundle, these teleprompters bring versatility and eloquence to every speaking event.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Configuration: Available as a single teleprompter for focused events or as a bundled pair for a symmetrical, dual-sided setup.
  • Optimal Height: Each teleprompter reaches 6 feet, accommodating speakers of various statures.
  • Mirror Size: Featuring a 14" X 14" beamsplitter mirror that presents text in crisp, clear quality.
  • Monitor Varieties: Single and dual bundles come with 15", 17", and 19" LCD monitor options, catering to your presentation’s visual needs.
  • Long-Range Cabling: Bundles include three 25-foot VGA cables, providing extensive reach across stages and venues.
  • Professional Software: ZaPrompt Pro teleprompter software, licensed for use on four computers, offers robust control and scrolling capabilities.
  • Complete Setup: The TSP2 bundles deliver everything needed, including a VGA splitter, ensuring a seamless and efficient teleprompting setup.

Why Opt for the TSP2-15 BUN Presidential Teleprompter?

The TSP2-15 BUN adapts from traditional presidential settings to contemporary stages where humorists, musicians, and speakers captivate audiences while remaining tethered to the flow and timing of their script. The bundle option, which includes two full teleprompter setups, provides a cohesive and balanced aesthetic for large venues.

What's Enhanced?

Building upon the legacy of the TSP series, the TSP2 brings forth a redesigned mirror clamp system that not only looks sleek but is lighter and user-friendly. The innovative monitor mount system, featuring a folding mechanism, ensures the teleprompter is transport-ready without disassembly. Choose from 15", 17", and 19" monitors to best fit your staging requirements, all available in comprehensive bundles that facilitate dual-setup presentations.

How it Works:

Erected on a sturdy stand, the teleprompter employs a transparent beamsplitter mirror that goes unnoticed by the audience. The speaker, however, can comfortably read scrolling text during the presentation, thanks to the clear and prominent display.

The Teleprompter Software:

Included with every TSP2 Series teleprompter, ZaPrompt Pro enables easy text management, from reversing the monitor image to adjusting scroll speed. It’s a vital tool that empowers speakers to engage with their script intuitively and confidently, even in the absence of an operator.

The TSP2 Series Presidential Teleprompters by Telmax are not just devices but pivotal to delivering a seamless and powerful speech. Choose the single or bundled packages for your next event and speak with authority, supported by the finest in teleprompting technology.

Reach out to us at (888) 239-7139 for detailed inquiries and dedicated support to enhance your public speaking engagements.

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