A Beginners Guide to Buying Your First Teleprompter

A Beginners Guide to Buying Your First Teleprompter

If you are reading this post, it is possible that you have determined that you need a teleprompter or at least are considering how a teleprompter would benefit you or maybe you are just looking for some information about teleprompters. No matter your reason for reading this post I am glad that you're here. 

It uses to be that buying a teleprompter was pretty straightforward because your choices were limited to only a few companies and only a few different styles.  Back then you could decide which one to use with just a couple questions about what you were trying to do. For example, you might want to give a public speech to a room fool of people.  Google search "teleprompter for public speaking" and the few limited choices would show up.  The same would be true if you were producing a video and need a teleprompter that would allow you to look straight into the lens of a camera, but as they say, "That was then". 

Today it can seem overwhelming to say the lease to make this choice simply because there are so many companies selling teleprompters with prices all over the place you almost don't even know where to start.  

That is why I decided to create this simple guide to help you choose the right product for your production needs.  

I could have done this all in one huge post that would read like a novel, but I decided to break it up into different sections that will be easier to navigate and allow you to skip the stuff that does not pertain to you. 

Let's start with the basics questions like:
What is a teleprompter?
How does a teleprompter work?
How will a teleprompter help me?

Then we will move into the more technical stuff like:
What are the different kinds of teleprompters?
What makes one teleprompter better than another?
What is teleprompter software?
How much does a teleprompter cost?

Lastly, I will cover the best practices when using a teleprompter like:
What is the most important thing to know when using a teleprompter?
What are the best practices when reading from a teleprompter?
Tips and Tricks to help you as a teleprompter user.
And more...



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