Manual Activation for ZaPrompt Edge

In the event that you can't use Internet Activation to activate your ZaPrompt Edge software, you will want to use Manual Activation.  There are three steps to doing this.  You will need an internet connection, or alternately you can activate using another computer with an internet connection if you have the necessary information. 

You will need two pieces of data to use manual activation.

Your software Serial Number which is four sets of five digits with each set of five separated by a dash.  Example:  23234-24452-21343-21321

Then you will need the request number generated by ZaPrompt Edge during the install process.  This number is unique for each computer and cannot be used to activate another computer.  To view this number start the activation, select Activate, the Manual Activation.  On this page there is a 10 digit Request Number.  

On the manual activation window there is a URL pointing to above the Request Number.  By clicking this link a webpage will open and the Request Number should already be in the appropriate field.  If not you will have to manually enter it in.

Next fill out the other fields for Name, Email, Company, and most importantly Serial Number.

Once you have completed the above select the Send button and on the next page you will receive an Activation Number.

Return back to the Activation Window of ZaPrompt Edge and select the Manual Activation button and enter the Activation Code you just received and select Activate.  



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