Telmax Teleprompter, Inc. moves to Orlando, FL

We are excited to announce that during the first week of September 2019 we moved our factory from Vero Beach, FL to Orlando, FL.

Orlando will provide us with easier access to the resources we need to be faster and more efficient in providing our products to the Teleprompter Market.

In addition, we have branched out into a new area of manufacturing where there is the greatest need nationwide.  We will be working with plastic suppliers and other plastic fabrication specialists to develop a name in the plastic fabrication market as The Plastic Authority.  

We hope that this new venture will allow us to expand our entire footprint in the manufacturing industry and to also improve upon our current methods and techniques, allowing a more cost-effective brand. 

Stay tuned to Telmax Teleprompters / The Plastic Authority for future updates and service offerings. 

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