ZaPrompt Only configured for one computer ERROR

The “Only configured for one computer” error message is generated after a windows update.  This is caused by windows thinking that there are two version of the same license running at that one machine.

To fix this you need to do the following:


  • Open you C: Drive
  • Open the Users Folder
  • Open the Public Folder
  • Notice a folder called Ticket but don’t open it.

Once you have identified this folder you are going to rename it to Ticket2

Now, start ZaPrompt like you normally do

I dialog window will pop up stating that a license has been recovered and it will give you an option to restore the old ticket file

DO NOT RESTORE THE OLD FILE – you want ZaPrompt Pro to generate a new one.


  • You will now be presented with the Buy, Try, Product or activation window.
  • Choose Activate / Product and then choose Internet Activation
  • You will need to enter your software serial number and information again.


This will correct this issue.