FUTURA 19" Teleprompter
FUTURA 19" Teleprompter
FUTURA 19" Teleprompter
FUTURA 19" Teleprompter
FUTURA 19" Teleprompter
FUTURA 19" Teleprompter
FUTURA 19" Teleprompter

FUTURA 19" Teleprompter - Professional Studio-Quality Teleprompting Solution

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Discover the Ultimate Teleprompting Experience with the FUTURA 19" Teleprompter

The FUTURA 19" Teleprompter, crafted in America by Telmax Teleprompters, is your go-to solution for professional-grade video production. Engineered for versatility, it accommodates a wide range of cameras, from compact DSLRs to full-sized ENG cameras, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup.

Key Features:

  • Readable Distance & Clarity: Offers a clear view from 30-35 feet, thanks to its large 16" X 17" 70/30 Beam Splitter Mirror.
  • Monitor Specifications: Includes a 19" LCD Monitor with HDMI and VGA ports, enhancing connectivity for diverse setups.
  • Portability and Ease of Use: Designed for on-the-go professionals, it folds flat for effortless transportation and quick setup.
  • Advanced Camera Mount: Features an adjustable camera mount with a perfect center of gravity and an inclining vertical camera mount for precise positioning.
  • Complimentary Software: Comes with a free ZaPrompt Pro Teleprompter Software license, elevating your teleprompting experience.
  • American Manufacturing & Lifetime Warranty: Proudly made in Vero Beach, FL, and backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Why Choose the FUTURA 19" Teleprompter?

The FUTURA 19" Teleprompter sets the standard for studio and field teleprompting. Whether you're shooting in a studio or on location, its robust build, and superior optical quality ensure professional results every time. Its intuitive design makes it ideal for a range of productions, from news broadcasts to YouTube videos. Embrace the ease of teleprompting without compromising on quality with the FUTURA 19".

Order Your FUTURA 19" Teleprompter Today

Elevate your video production with the FUTURA 19" Teleprompter. Don't settle for less - choose the teleprompter trusted by professionals for its reliability and excellence.