5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Teleprompter Software

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Teleprompter Software

Don't assume that all teleprompters are equal

There is a valid reason that some teleprompters are more expensive than others. Cheap low cost teleprompters are usually build from inferior components and/or are imported. The people selling these types of products are not doing you any favors. It is important to know that you teleprompter is the last optical component between your camera lens and the subject you are filming. Going cheap on the teleprompter will result in a cheap quality video.


The world is currently split between those that use an Apple Mac and those that use the more traditional PC. Unfortunately, when software is made it is usually created for just one of these two systems. This means that software made for the Mac will not work on a PC, and vice versa.

This is an exceedingly simple problem to avoid though, as all software will have written on it what system it is designed for. If buying online, then this should be mentioned somewhere in the notes about the product, which are usually found on the same page as the picture. If in any doubt then the online company will be able to respond to any queries regarding this.

Buying software that is not suitable

There are various different teleprompter software packages on the market, all of which are generally designed for a particular niche in the industry. As they are often so expensive to buy, every customer should ensure that they are getting the software that will best fulfill the role they need it to.

The best way to ensure that this problem doesn’t occur is to research all of the different products thoroughly. Don’t just rely on the company’s website though – instead, utilize different forums where real people can give their opinions on specific software. This will provide a much more unbiased view of the product’s effectiveness.

Additionally, most of the different software companies offer a free trial of their teleprompter software, which will allow the potential buyer to see if they like it before spending lots of money. These can generally be found on the website of the developer.

Buying over complicated software

While some fortunate people have the ability to figure out even the most complex of systems, the rest of the planet is usually confused when something is developed with complicated controls and convoluted systems.

Essentially, the job of a teleprompter system is an easy one – it just needs to display words in an easy to read manner. This means that over complex systems are not required and any that are too complicated should be avoided – there are probably using style to mask a lack of substance.

Spending too much

Many people just buy the first piece of software that they see, bus this can prove to be a costly mistake. With the amount of different pieces of software on the market, there is always bound to be one that is cheaper – meaning that doing some price research will yield often very profitable results.