5 reasons to buy a Teleprompter from Telmax

If you are looking for a teleprompter you probably have anxiety because there are so many to choose from. You are here because you were interested in the 5 reasons to buy a Teleprompter from Telmax Teleprompters. Telmax has been manufacturing teleprompters in the United States since 2007 and has been the leader of low-cost high-quality teleprompters. Telmax introduced the worlds first consumer priced teleprompter in 2007. Everything that you find today that is not a Telmax Teleprompter is somehow a knock-off of what we started all those years ago. There are some companies that have been around for even longer, but they were only interested in selling high cost teleprompters to television stations and professional studios until they realized that Telmax has tapped into the huge market of consumer prompters.

We realize that many companies claim to be the best, newest, and most modern teleprompters company. But these claims are only gimmicks to get you to buy their products. Telmax Teleprompters has a proven track record of building quality at a reasonable price, and if you are still reading this then you are surely still searching for the best prompter to buy.

Below are 5 reasons to buy a Telmax Teleprompter that we feel that you would like to know.

#1 Telmax Teleprompters is an American manufacture.

so many new teleprompters surfaced over the past couple of years, and some of them are dirt cheap, but 90% of them are coming from china and are built of low cost materials using underpaid labor. When you buy a Telmax Teleprompter you are supporting an American manufacturer and protecting American Jobs.

#2 Telmax Teleprompters are superior in quality any other teleprompter

While your are searching around for a teleprompter, everyone claims to have the best one, but it isn't true, and the worst part is that nobody seems to care and the consumer anymore. Its all about selling you the product that they can make the most money on period! Quality is the furthest thing from their minds. This wasn't always the case, it wasn't until the flood of cheaply built imported products started hitting the market that some distributors scrambled to rake in on all the profits possible with a total disregard to what you, the consumer ended up with. 
Telmax Teleprompters was founded on the idea that quality and customer service was the two most important things in building a successful business. When you purchase a Telmax Teleprompter you will end up with a product that was engineered based on years of experience, and that will last you forever.

#3 We provide the best customer service

We are constantly told by our customers how grateful they are for the level of customer service we provide, in fact at time we are thanked by our competitors customers for providing customer service to them. Great service is the core of our company, without out it, we wouldn't be where we are today. When you own a Telmax Teleprompter you will always be able to get support when you need it. We provide phone support, email support, chat support, and remote desktop support all for free to our customers. That is why our customers include some of the biggest names in the industry and why our customers keep coming back to us for future purchase.

#4 Telmax Teleprompters have superior design to anything else being sold

Not only are we the oldest consumer teleprompter producer, we are the best when it comes to design. Constantly we see products hitting the market that have serious defects, for example teleprompters that don't allow the camera lens to zoom all the way out without getting the hardware in the shot, or teleprompters that there is no possible way to center the weight over the tripod, or teleprompters that have really poor camera height adjustment mounts. These are only a few of the things that we see wrong with designs and they are, unfortunately, the reason that many people come to us for there replacement teleprompters. 
Anyone can come up with a way to pace a mirror in front of a camera lens, that really not difficult, what is difficult is to plan a design that considers all the possible variable that can cause a teleprompter to not work good. By assessing these things we can design around them and make sure that the product you end up with is perfect in every way. No other company cares as much as Telmax Teleprompters does about the customers experience

#5 Telmax Teleprompters come with a lifetime warranty

Telmax Teleprompters come standard with a lifetime warranty. We are sure that they have been built to a standard that will last you for a long time. No teleprompter company will offer you this much assurance. If you ever have a problem with you teleprompter whether its tomorrow or 15 years from now, it is covered.