What is a Presidential Teleprompter?

What is a Presidential Teleprompter?

Most people are most familiar with the presidential variety of teleprompters. This device features two mirrors made of beam-splitter glass that are mounted on two separate stands. Each mirror is angled at 45 degrees. Under each, there is a monitor with text that reflects off the mirror. The text can only be seen by the person speaking. This is because there is an anti-reflective coating on the rear of the mirror.

The advantage of a presidential teleprompter in the delivery of a speech is that he or she does not need to look at notes. It appears that the person is speaking from memory and is not distracted in any way.

You can use a presidential teleprompter with a camera or without. It is a very helpful product when the speaker is talking to an audience and has no need to be looking into a camera. The cameraman is then able to video the speaker from many angles. The cameraman can get good angles of the speaker when he or she is not looking at the mirror.

Presidential teleprompters are the preferred teleprompter when the speaker is giving a speech to an audience. It ensures that the speaker looks as natural as possible and has no risk of losing or forgetting lines from the speech.

Many experts recommend that you have a copy of your speech in front of you when using a presidential teleprompter. Even the very best teleprompters can fail from time to time. This ensures that you will always be able to pick up from your speech no matter what happens. This means that it is a good habit to flip the page in your speech as you are speaking from the teleprompter.

A good presidential teleprompter on the market is the TSP2-17-BUN from Telmax. This is a heavy duty, light in weight presidential teleprompter. It’s convenient to use because it breaks down quickly into three pieces – the stand, monitor and mounts, and then the mirror.

This product also features a new Super Mirror Lock system. This guarantees that the mirror cannot move even in the most extreme of conditions. It will not move until you choose to loosen it. We think that this is a very significant addition to the reliability of a presidential teleprompter. With this feature, you will never have to worry about any malfunction of the presidential teleprompter during a speech.