3 Features You Need to Know About Before Buying Your Next Teleprompter

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3 Features You Need to Know About Before Buying Your Next Teleprompter


Anyone who is considering investing in a new teleprompter. is making a substantial monetary investment. If you are going to spend the money on a serious piece of audiovisual equipment, you want to be sure that your money is being well spent.
With this in mind, we recommend that you keep in mind these 3 features before you buy your next new teleprompter:

Teleprompter Build Quality

A teleprompter needs to be very stable and reliable during your video productions or presentations. This is why we always stress that your new device needs to be made from the highest strength, lightest weight aluminum on the market. A teleprompter that is made of high quality materials is going to be more stable and durable over the long haul. It will be able to be situated with the tripod almost right below the LCD display, so counterweights are not needed.

With the high quality build, the prompter should also be light in weight so that it is easy to transport to various shoots.
Also, the build quality of your teleprompter includes the quality of the beamsplitter glass. It is critical that the glass be of very high quality. This ensures that there is no sort of visual distortions during your production, and that the talent can read off the teleprompter naturally.

prompters such as the GS2-15 from Telmax are the sort of high build quality product that we recommend. Telmax clients have reported that the screen on their products is extremely easy to read. This makes video shoots much less stressful for CEOs and other company representatives as they film their productions.

We also look for a company that produces its products inside the U.S. This usually points to higher quality, and makes it much easier to get customer support when it is needed.

Teleprompter Software
As we always say, your prompter, no matter how good it is, will always be brought down in reality if the software that is running on it is substandard. This is why we are firm believers in the industry standard ZaPrompt Pro 2.0 software. This is, in our view, the best software for prompter on the planet. It is packed with great features, has bulletproof reliability, and is used by major corporations around the world for their video productions. We think that the feature set of this software is the best out there. You really need to be sure that your teleprompter is running ZaPrompt. Some of the fantastic features that it has include:

  • Importing and exporting of plain and rich text
  • Script editor built in
  • Spell check
  • Multiple font coloring for multiple speaking roles
  • Colored backgrounds
  • Font size adjustable
  • Alignment of fonts
  • Speed adjustable
  • Affordability

A high quality teleprompter also needs to be affordable in price. Fortunately, Telmax produces teleprompters that are very reasonably priced in addition to having a high build quality. In fact, some of our customers have reported that our products are often ½ the price of similar teleprompters.