3 Secrets to Getting the Most Value from Your Teleprompter

3 Secrets to Getting the Most Value from Your Teleprompter

A teleprompter can help you save time and energy when making a sales presentation on film, recording a message, or even demonstrating your latest product to the audience inside the camera. A teleprompter can help you to connect directly with your viewers and deliver a power-packed presentation full of spunk, life, and energy. Here are three secrets to help you use your teleprompter in the best way possible.

Secret Number One: The Script

Even the best teleprompter on the planet won't turn a poor script into a literary masterpiece. Take the time to make sure the script you are going to use is something that will be worth listening to. Remember, you're not writing a book - you're writing a speech. People will hear it as if you are saying it directly to them - that's the beauty of the teleprompter - so write accordingly. Use regular, conversational English and make sure that it flows and sounds natural.

Practice reading your script into the camera using the teleprompter before actually creating the final take. Plenty of practice will ensure that you are comfortable with the mechanics of the teleprompter as well as with being on film in the first place. It will make sure you know exactly what's coming and are able to deliver your script beautifully.

Secret Number Two: You

The reason the teleprompter revolutionized television is because it allowed the presenter - you - to look directly at his audience while reading his presentation. Take advantage of that and don't break eye contact. It's very tempting to look away during filming or allow your eyes to wander from your viewers' even for just a second, but don't give in to the urge. You don't have to stare at them like a deer frozen in the headlights of a car either, simply look sincerely and sociably into their perceived eyes and you will engage their full attention. Don't forget to smile warmly!

Secret Number Three: Communication

When you act as if there is nobody in the world except you and one person behind the camera watching you, your viewers will pick up on the warm, intimate vibe you are projecting. Communicate your message as if you were connecting with one interested person, and you will get a whole world of interested viewers. Don't be afraid to put life into your communication! Use hand gestures and facial expressions. Enjoy yourself and they will enjoy you.