5 Critical Features to Look for in Teleprompter Software

5 Critical Features to Look for in Teleprompter Software

Teleprompter software makes it easy to insert text and other information into a teleprompter. Features and functions can vary from model to model and it is important to match a teleprompter with software based on how reliable it is and how user friendly it is. A teleprompter must work right during a speech or news broadcast or it can cause untold embarrassment.

You should look for these important features when purchasing teleprompter software:

Text Import and Export

When a teleprompter includes a feature that allows you to import or export rich and plain text, it is a real time saver. There is no need to retype Microsoft Word documents into your software. Instead, you can simply import it into the teleprompter. Italics, bold words, underlined phrases and colored text will all remain intact. Changes made to the document on the teleprompter can then be exported back yo your computer for further editing.

Spell Check

Spell check is an essential component for any teleprompter software. It lesson the chance for improper spelling to cause misunderstandings or mispronunciations of names, places or key terms.

Smooth Scrolling Text and Adjustable Speed

You need to read text at a speed that makes it possible to speak in a natural and comfortable manner. It also needs to scroll down the screen smoothly, so there are no awkward pauses or stumbling over words while a speaker waits for the right text to appear. Software that allows for adjustable speed can help you tailor the teleprompter to meet the needs of each individual speaker.

Movable Lens Markers

A good lens marker allows you to see specific parts of your text on specific areas of your teleprompter screen. Movable lens markers are included in teleprompter software and are specifically designed to let you direct where your text will be shown on the teleprompter. This customizes text so a person can read it from whatever angle best fits their needs.

Line Jump Feature

If you need to repeat a key point during a speech or broadcast, finding it quickly and efficiently is always important. A line jump feature lets you find any line based on a line number or through a basic keyword search. It is an essential component for virtually any teleprompter on the market.